Handcuffed man on the loose


By Casey Neill

A handcuffed man head-butted a police officer and escaped custody in Noble Park.
Police are appealing for information about his whereabouts.
They were called to the Eastlink Trail, near Claudia Street, about 8am on Sunday 20 November to reports of a suspicious car parked on the trail.
They found a man and woman asleep inside the car and arrested the pair, placing them in handcuffs.
But as police were walking the man to the divisional van, he turned around and head-butted an officer.
He ran and climbed over the back fence of a Claudia Street home, where police lost sight of him.
The Airwing and Dog Squad attended to assist but the man remains on the run.
He is perceived to be of Caucasian appearance, aged in his mid-twenties and about 177cm tall.
At the time of the incident he was wearing jeans, a black jacket and had his arms handcuffed behind his back.
No-one was injured in the incident.
Police took a 17-year-old girl back to a station for interview.