The pie don’t lie

Rob Boyle 182632_04

Rob Boyle, of Rob’s British Butchery, has baked up his own version of a World Cup oracle.

On 5 July, the flamboyant Dandenong foodie dished up a three-kilogram pork pie depicting a soaring goal and declaring the quarter-final score ‘England 3, Sweden 1’.

Time will tell if he is telling a ‘pork pie’ so to speak – with the two sides due to face off at midnight on 8 July.

Let’s hope for Mr Boyle’s sake, we don’t get a repeat of the famous British tabloid headline: Swedes 2, Turnips 1.

His pies have proven prophetic in the past – correctly predicting Manchester United’s winning scoreline against Liverpool 20 years ago.

Mr Boyle is confident that England, after so many false dawns, might actually win the World Cup.

“I think we’ve got as good a chance as any.”

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