Speeding teens’ cars impounded


Two teenage drivers face a raft of driving charges after allegedly speeding at up to 138 km/h on Monash Freeway in Dandenong early on Sunday 28 June.

Just after midnight, Air Wing police detected a Holden Commodore and a Honda Accord at speed near Heatherton Road.

The vehicles were tracked on Heatherton Road, reaching speeds of up to 120 km/h on the 60 km/h section, police say.

Dandenong Highway Patrol officers joined the search for the cars, which were found in a car park on Buckley Street in Noble Park.

The drivers were 19-year-old men, one a learner without a supervising passenger and the other was a P2 licence holder.

One of them hailed from Hampton Park, the other from Dandenong, police say.

Each car contained four occupants.

The drivers were expected to be charged on summons with speed dangerous, multiple speeding offences and other driving offences.

Both vehicles were immediately impounded by police.