Good health is a blessing

Imam Muhammed Sezgin of Keysborough Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre & Mosque.

By Imam Muhammed Sezgin of Keysborough Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre & Mosque

This year has been a challenging year with extraordinary circumstances that affected the whole world.

We, as a Turkish Islamic Community, were also affected.

We have not been able to use our mosques to pray for the whole month of Ramadan, Friday prayers, Eid prayers and participate in Iftar dinners with the wider community.

The Coronavirus pandemic was a big test for us, which required us to change our lifestyles to manage the pandemic as a community.

Throughout history, people were tested with diseases and illnesses. With the help of Allah (God), through medical research and dedicated doctors were able to overcome these circumstances.

Let us ensure that we have taken every measure to protect ourselves against the Coronavirus pandemic.

Let us pay attention to the principles of cleanliness more than ever.

Let us wash our hands with soap and water several times a day.

Let us not touch our eyes, nose, or mouth if our hands are not clean.

Let us stay hydrated for our body not to get weak.

Let us follow a balanced diet and take enough sleep.

Let us cover our mouth with a piece of tissue while sneezing or coughing, or use the inside of our elbow otherwise.

Let us keep well ventilated the indoors we live in.

Let us stay away from alcohol, drugs or other harmful substances that are not only considered haram (forbidden) by the religion but also make our body prone to several diseases.

Health is a blessing entrusted to us by Allah.

What falls upon human beings is to preserve what is entrusted to them and do their best to look after their health.

This way, we attain peace thanks to Allah the Almighty. We also find solutions to our problems and cure to our illnesses.

So, let us be cautious to look after our health and that of the people around us in the face of this pandemic.

Let us not forget that, otherwise, we endanger both our health and that of others, which means a violation of their rights.

Without a doubt, Allah has a decree in this regard.

The responsibility of human beings is to take precautions.

Humans are moderate and balanced in all situations.

It is a duty upon all of us to protect the community, in a calm manner and using our reason and knowledge, from this pandemic. That is, without downplaying it or overreacting to it.

Let’s try our best to help one another during these difficult times.

The value of people’s deeds and actions are measured by their intentions.

Everybody gets the reward of their deeds depending on their intentions.

Deeds performed without sincerity have no value.

Let us not forget that only through good intentions and sincerity can people attain the deliciousness of faith, the awe of worship and the peace of good deeds.

We pray to Allah that a cure will be found soon to eliminate this pandemic.


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