Operation Alliance arrests top 250

Police seize items from the property at Russell Street, Springvale.


Three people have been arrested and illicit drugs seized during an Operation Alliance police raid of a house in Springvale.

A 45-year-old woman, a 40-year-old man and a 43-year-old-man were arrested at the Russell Street property about 6.20am on Friday 16 October.

They were taken to Springvale and Dandenong police stations for interview.

Operation Alliance was established on 13 September to “prevent, disrupt and dismantle” youth street gangs committing robberies, aggravated burglaries, serious assaults, car thefts and home invasions.

In its first month, about 251 people have been arrested across Melbourne. Most of them were males in their mid-teens to mid-twenties, police say.

Seventy of the arrested people were remanded in custody.

More than 720 charges were laid, including robbery, armed robbery, aggravated burglary, car theft, conduct endangering life, breaching bail, firearm and drug offences.

At least 88 Operation Alliance raids have been conducted across Melbourne, including in Cranbourne, Dandenong and Pakenham.

During the raids, police seized illicit firearms, drugs, and prohibited weapons such as knives, tomahawks, swords, tasers, knuckle dusters, and machetes.

Deputy Commissioner Regional Operations Rick Nugent declared Operation Alliance as a success.

“Combined with a strong focus on other serious and violent offending in the regions, this has meant there are 70 serious offenders currently sitting in cells awaiting their court date, rather than roaming our streets harming the community.”

Deputy Comm Nugent said offenders often struck in sequence and travelled across Melbourne or through regional Victoria to commit further crimes.

“We are utilising and sharing real-time intelligence to not only remain one step ahead of offenders to prevent further crimes from occurring, but to also identify and target the key influencers within these groups.”

Crime Command’s Commander Mick Frewen said the operation was also successful in using specialist units, such as the Gang Crime Squad, with regional police to significantly build their intelligence on the gangs.

“Experience has shown us that the people involved in these gangs, as well as other organised crime groups, will frequently change allegiances and methodologies,” he said.