Road wisdom lacking for speeding drivers

Speeding far outstripped other offences in Greater Dandenong.

By Danielle Kutchel

More than 100 drivers in Greater Dandenong were picked up for speeding over the festive season, as part of Victoria Police’s Operation Roadwise.

Police netted 147 drivers for speeding offences between Friday 18 December and Wednesday 6 January.

This was by far the most prevalent offence throughout that period.

Police also detected 44 unregistered vehicles over the operation – not far behind neighbouring Casey, where 48 unregistered vehicles were picked up.

There were also 26 unlicensed drivers in Greater Dandenong over Operation Roadwise.

Operation Roadwise saw police maintain a highly visible presence to try and prevent dangerous behaviour and encourage people to observe the basics of road safety to prevent tragic outcomes.

Using an intelligence-based approach, police targeted busy periods, locations and major arterials where law-breaking drivers were expected to be.

There was a particular focus on drug and alcohol testing across the state, with police testing as many people as possible for the substances.

Every single police vehicle out during the operation was able to conduct preliminary breath tests.

Police in Greater Dandenong pulled up 11 drink drivers, 14 drug drivers and 11 disqualified drivers.

And it seems the message on mobile phones still isn’t getting through to some, with 11 mobile phone offences detected.

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