Covid-19: Noble Park aged care outbreak

Seventeen residents at Belvedere Aged Care in Noble Park have been infected by Covid-19.

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Seventeen Noble Park aged-care residents and three staff have been infected by a visitor who had tested negative to Covid-19.

Belvedere Aged Care stated that all infected residents and staff were fully vaccinated.

One of the residents has been hospitalised, all of them are described by Belvedere as being in “stable” condition.

The cluster is contained to one wing of the 60-bed home.

According to the home, a “regular visitor” attended while infectious with the Covid Delta-variant on Tuesday 5 October.

They had complied with Belvedere’s testing requirements, providing a negative result within 48 hours prior to arrival.

The visitor contacted Belvedere on 7 October that they later tested positive.

The home, which is under “restricted access”, has been since deep-cleaned, Belvedere stated.

Infected staff are in home quarantine, with staff cohorts working in designated wings to minimise transmission risks.

Belvedere stated it was the first instance of Covid entering the home.

Nursing director Carmel Drobnik said it was “extremely unfortunate that, despite the rigorous controls we have in place, the Delta strain of COVID-19 has entered our facility”.

“Our systems and procedures are operating in accordance with all regulatory requirements and our own high standards of care.

“Our first responsibility is to our residents and their loved ones. We are working hard to ensure lines of communication remain open and our actions are transparent.”

As of 12 October, 671 Victorian aged-care residents had died with Covid-19.

The vast majority occurred in 2020, prior to vaccinations.

Belvedere stated that three residents opted to remain unvaccinated. All staff are vaccinated, it stated.