Covid-19: Vax rates rise, active cases fall

The pop-up vaccination clinic in Palm Plaza, Dandenong. 252244_03 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Active Covid-19 cases continue to fall in Greater Dandenong as the double-vaccination rate nears 90 per cent.

As of 22 November, 87.6 per cent of Greater Dandenong’s 15-and-overs were fully vaccinated – up 2.2 per cent from the previous week.

Single dose coverage has marginally risen to 93 per cent.

Active cases from fallen in the past seven days from 629 to 405 in the past seven days.

On 23 November, there were 54 new cases among 297 over the past week.

All postcodes in the area have falling numbers of active cases.

The lowest-vaxxed postcode Dandenong 3175 has the most active cases, 215, and most daily new cases, 28, as of 23 November.

Other postcode hotspots include Noble Park (80 active cases), Springvale (50), Keysborough (46) and Endeavour Hills (43).