Live for each other

Aleksandar Savic

By Very Rev. Fr. Aleksandar Savic of St Stefan’s Serbian Orthodox Church, Keysborough

Lately, we have all witnessed how little it takes for a person to become aware that he is very vulnerable even when he lacks nothing in material terms.

It was enough to just deny a part of what is most important, a little freedom, and we all found ourselves confused, wondering, how, where, how long will it all last, etc.

As we listened and watched from which side some answer would come that would solve all the mystery, a long time passed but that answer is still not in sight.

Politicians and even the professional public found themselves divided in their views and opinions, which further makes ordinary people feel more vulnerable.

It was certainly the most difficult for a religious person to accept the prohibition of common prayer in the temple.

However, at the same time, as religious beings, we should accept such events without grumbling and try to learn something from everything.

In other words, such events should be understood as temptations that occurred by God’s permission.

Seen from that perspective, we will come to the conclusion that this can and is for the benefit of the people themselves.

In separation from each other, we could understand how important it is to have another, someone around us, and that as such we are created by God, to live with each other.

And not only that, but also something bigger and more sublime, to live for each other.

Maybe it seems like a very ordinary and simple thing.

In quick thinking, we would say that we do so and that we treat others with care.

Therefore, the question is whether in that attention we give to the other, that side feels our sincere love.

Only then will we see if our relationship with the other is sincere and complete.

So if it were only for the sake of improving relations between people, we could say that it was useful to go through one such temptation as a pandemic due to the coronavirus.

We hope and pray to God for all people and the whole world, for those who are working to find a suitable cure for the coronavirus, and especially for those who are sick and caring for the sick, as well as for those who have not won the fight against this virus.

Let us believe that God will grant victory because of his mercy, goodness and love for people.


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