Month of powerful reminders

By Imam Salih Dogan of Emir Sultan Mosque, Dandenong

Ramadan comes from the root ‘ra-ma-da’ which means the rain that drops in the season of autumn.

Just like how the rain cleans the earth and provides life to all creations, it is interpreted that the month of Ramadan is the season in which it presents new beginnings, hope and comfort for all Muslims.

The month of Ramadan is a spiritual awakening.

It is a powerful and clear reminder to Muslims that they are capable of doing more actions.

Such as increasing their voluntary deeds, engaging in frequent supplications, refraining from doing wrong, forgiving and uniting with one another, as well as improving their manners and general spiritual well-being.

All Muslims yearn for the commencement of the blessed month of Ramadan as they believe that it is an awakening call for them to renew their intentions and relationship with their creator, Allah the most Gracious.

Muslims from all around the world want to ensure they benefit from this short yet bountiful month and complete as many actions of worship as possible.

Ramadan is the time to hope, to call on the mighty God and to place fears and doubts aside while requesting Him to forgive the mistakes that have been done in the past and to keep steadfast for the future.

Ramadan is the opportunity Allah the most Gracious has given to celebrate a connection with Him.

It is once-in-a-year occasion wherein you don’t have to complete everything perfectly.

Islam is a religion in which you get rewards for displaying effort and strive, rather than the result that is presented at the end of an act.

During the month of Ramadan, there is a concept known as Zakat-ul Fitr, which is defined as ‘The Alms of Human Nature’.

Zakat-ul Fitr holds two primary purposes – one spiritual for the individual worshipper and the other, communal.

Zakat-al Fitr cleanses the fast from the mistakes that we have made in the period of observing it.

Ramadan’s fast ends with a celebration which commemorates the end of fasting.

On this day every Muslim rejoices as a community and has a feast, prays, and gives the obligatory charity.

Zakat-al Fitr gives hope to those who are poor with food resources and the ability to share the day’s happiness and delight with families.

May the month of Ramadan be blessed upon you all!