Laughs beyond the label

Jude Perl confronts her early career travails in her hilarious cabaret I Have a Face.

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Early-career knockbacks inspired Melbourne comedian Jude Perl’s award-winning cabaret I Have a Face.

The laugh-out-loud cabaret lands at the Drum Theatre on Friday 11 June, together with local comedian Margot Tanjutco.

As an aspiring indie-pop singer-songwriter, Perl was repeatedly rejected in the music industry for not being ‘edgy’ enough.

She decided to focus on her comedy career and said the show highlights many of the emotions she and many others experience.

“I talk about some tough stuff, make you laugh and make you feel truly human.

“We all wonder at some stage if we are doing it right.

“Life doesn’t come with a label, but we will be told our whole life how we should behave or who we should be.

“Sometimes labels are super useful, particularly when you’re washing your favourite jumper, but this performance reminds the audience that labels are totally useless.”

Greater Dandenong mayor Angela Long said the show explored issues familiar to many.

“This show is a great mix of light-hearted and relatable material, but also touches on important aspects of mental health.

“Jude talks very candidly about the experience that she and so many others have.

“She is funny and serious, giving the audience an opportunity to laugh as well as reflect on the more serious aspects of her topics.”

I Have A Face won Best Cabaret at the Melbourne Fringe 2018, as well as Perl’s 4th Green Room Award.

She has performed packed shows all over the world, including the Hotel Cafe in LA, Ronnie Scotts in London, and across Australia.

She is renowned for stream-of-consciousness style lyrics set to catchy and well-crafted songs.

Local comedian Margot Tanjutco will also provide a set of musical comedy before the show.

I Have A Face is at Drum Theatre, corner of Lonsdale and Walker streets, Dandenong on 11 June – subject to Covid restrictions.

Details: or 8571 1666.