PT hub life inverted

Vinny Nguyen inverts colour and reality in his abstract photos of Dandenong station. 238777_01 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Things are not quite the same during lockdown.

Just like how Noble Park photographer Vinh ‘Vinny’ Nguyen jolts normality with his colour-inverted portfolio of Dandenong railway station.

The project, with the help of his Arts Access Victoria mentor Chris Barry, began during Covid restrictions in 2020.

Coming full circle, his exhibition Urban/Suburban has opened during yet another lockdown in May 2021.

During that time, Mr Nguyen found the lockdown especially tough. He was also hospitalised for a month.

So it’s a particularly satisfying exhibition for Mr Nguyen – as well as his first solo show.

With a passion for photographing boxing fights, Nguyen’s creativity expands to animation, video and drawing.

He combined the disciplines to produce a stellar animated video ‘Bus stop’ for Mojo Film Festival at ACMI on 23 May.

Mr Nguyen’s exhibition is in the Dandenong Library windows, Harmony Square in Dandenong.