EV stations charge ahead

Springvale IKEA staff Parit Shah, Akira Kuoch, Cara Raj, Jessica Meyerink and Arron Li at the electric vehicle charging station

Free electric-vehicle charging stations have been installed at IKEA’s Springvale store.

The store’s marketing manager Julian Pertile said the four car-park stations aimed to encourage customers and staff to “take climate action into their own hands”.

“With more Victorians back on the road, we’re happy to provide electric vehicles chargers in a convenient location for those who require it.”

The charging stations will be free to use and open 24/7. They come with a Type 2 cable.

There is also space to install extra chargers in the future if electric vehicle take-up increases in the future.

IKEA has a stated aim of cutting emissions from staff and customer travel to stores by 50 per cent by 2030.

It was also committed to 100 per cent electric-vehicle or zero-emission vehicles for customer deliveries by 2025, Mr Pertile said.