Shops set to take off

SPRINGVALE’S shopping hub – bolstered by a new railway station, level-crossing removal and an Asian gateway – is set to spread its wings, says Greater Dandenong mayor Sean O’Reilly.
The council is set to investigate ways to further beautify the bustling retail district, such as introducing new streetscaping designs linking the railway station to Balmoral Avenue.
“For me it’s clear Springvale is one of the only areas in the south east that you can have an Asian shopping experience with a variety of competitive restaurants.
“It’s one of the only places where you can buy Asian ingredients for particular recipes.
“We’re looking at what we can do to further enhance Springvale as a destination.”
The removal of the detested Springvale Road level crossing last year not only freed up traffic – by foot and by vehicle – but opened up opportunities on the long-neglected north side.
One of the new sparks in the northern shopping strip is a proposed supermarket in VicRoads’s former offices.
Medium-density residential units are also sprouting on the north side.
Cr O’Reilly said activity would also spread further south with the anticipated completion of the council’s $45 million civic site and library redevelopment.
“There’s such a build-up of activity around the market area at the moment.
“If we can spread it out further north and then (south) with the civic-site redevelopment, we’ll be able to manage the area’s activity even better and grow Springvale more.”
The 12-metre tall $750,000 Asian gateway – after years of bickering – has been well-received as a stunning landmark.
Cr O’Reilly said the prominent archway would add “vibrancy” to the business activity centre and reinforce Springvale’s status as an Asian hub.
“(The archway) is twice as big as the one in (Melbourne’s) Chinatown.
“The traders are just so good at working hard and getting customers.
“The main thing we can help with now is with the traffic and parking.”