Local voice for Lyndhurst in state

Geraldine Gonsalvez will run in the Lyndhurst by-election.

GERALDINE Gonsalvez believes Lyndhurst needs a strong, vocal, active, local voice in state parliament.
“What it does not need is to be used and manipulated by dominant political factions as a stepping stone to further the personal and/or factional agendas of the political party or their personnel,” she said.
That’s why the Dandenong campaigner will run in the electorate’s 27 April by-election, triggered when former Labor MP Tim Holding resigned as the seat’s representative on 18 February.
Ms Gonsalvez said motherhood could be an all-powerful force for meaningful action and change.
“This is what has been the driving force behind my many campaigns and actions within the Lyndhurst district since the late 1980s to date, and this is why I have decided to throw my hat into the ring as a candidate,” she said.
She wants to give residents “a real choice on their ballot ticket to elect a long-time local activist and battler”.
Ms Gonsalvez a current member and former chairwoman of RATWISE (Residents Against Toxic Waste In The South East).
She said she’d fought for and continued to represent the issues troubling Lyndhurst at a community level and could be the area’s voice in parliament.
Opposition leader Daniel Andrews last week announced former Public Transport, Industry and Trade and Industrial Relations Minister Martin Pakula as the Labor Party’s candidate for the seat.
The 44-year-old currently represents the Western Metropolitan Region in the Legislative Council and is the opposition’s spokesman for gaming, racing, scrutiny of government and the attorney-general portfolio.
Earlier this month, Noble Park community worker Nina Springle revealed she would be the Greens’ candidate.
The Liberal Party has indicated it’s unlikely to field a candidate.
“The Liberals have abandoned this contest,” Ms Springle said.
“Labor believes they have this seat in the bag. I’m offering people something different.”