Police bowled over

POLICE are turning to bowling to connect with Greater Dandenong’s youth.
Officers and Noble Park English Language School students and teachers hit the bowling alley as part of the Youth Leadership Program, strengthening relationships between police and young people.
Victoria Police’s New and Emerging Communities Liaison Officer Endalkatchew Gage has been co-ordinating the program since it was developed in 2010.
“The program enables Greater Dandenong’s newly-settled youth to build important networks which they can use to find employment and get access to service providers,” he said.
“It works in two ways – police are able to learn about the history and culture of those involved in the program, and the youth get to understand the role of police in the community.
“The program really sets up a foundation for strong and ongoing partnerships.”
Each program runs for 10 weeks, with a different theme explored each week – from public speaking to the role of police in Victoria, individuals’ rights and responsibilities, leadership styles, conflict resolution and road safety.
Programs are generally run as a partnership with local schools and community groups, with a majority of the sessions held in the evening.
For more information about how to get involved, call Endalkatchew Gage on 9767 7530.