Motivated to inspire

Saba Karim stands in central Noble Park with his camera. 116232 Picture: ROB CAREW


A NOBLE Park film-maker is motivating people across Australia and the world.
Saba Karim, 27, studied film-making at university and had been working in advertising when “one day something hit me”.
“I wanted to put my talent to good use, not just make money off it,” he said.
“I want to give back to the community and help people along the way.”
So he’s creating a video series called Realize, filming motivational people from his own backyard and as far afield as Dubai.
“Whether it’s a story of success or struggle, the videos are aimed to encourage viewers to make a change in their life by being more appreciate, aware of others around them or simply wanting to be a better person,” he said.
“I set up a meeting generally where they’re in the place that they’re most often working in or operating from.”
Mr Karim has just finished his seventh piece which is about a former drug dealer who turned his life around and now owns a fitness gym and runs a youth coaching program.
“I just hope each episode motivates an individual,” he said.
“I just want somebody to get something out of it.
“There is no commercial gain to me or anyone else making these videos.”
The videos already have a global reach, with viewers from Singapore leaving comments.
“These are just everyday people,” Mr Karim said.
“My idea is not to highlight celebrities but everyday Australian heroes or people who are making a difference to the world.”
He hopes to create one film a week to keep the momentum going, and is seeking advertising, sponsorship or a grant to fund the project.
“I wish I’d started earlier. There are so many people that are doing such amazing things,” he said.
“I’m just trying to catch up on it.
“I hope lots of people hear it from across the world.”
Visit to view the videos.