Site for composite classes

Fulin, Mattson, Benjamin, Miss Field and Mahalia tuck into fresh fruit as they celebrate their united school.

ONE School One Site is principal Peter Paul’s vision, and it’s finally becoming a reality.
A celebration at Keysborough’s Chandler Park Primary School on Tuesday 3 February officially welcomed students and parents from the former Maralinga Primary School – five years after the schools merged.
The school has been operating from two campuses since 2010 as it waited for an upgrade at Chandler Park to accommodate all students.
So Mr Paul closed Maralinga before the school resumed this year in an attempt to force the State Government to sell the site and use the proceeds to finish the redevelopment.
Mr Paul said the welcome evening was extremely successful and included a jumping castle, sports games, a sausage sizzle and more.
“Past, present and future families gathered within the school grounds to enjoy an afternoon of fun, relaxation and a picnic dinner,” he said.
“The atmosphere was high-spirited.”
Guest singer Irene Bennetts performed songs from the 1960s through to today and Woolworths Keysborough donated summer fruit.
“With the support and resilience of the whole school community, we have been able to continue our journey in becoming a school for our community that moves towards a 21st century learning environment,” Mr Paul said.
– Casey Neill