Dandenong scaffolding fall

 A 19-year-old carpenter was injured when he fell from scaffolding at a Dandenong building site.
WorkSafe is investigating the Friday 9 February incident, and issued a warning about consquences for not managing the risk associated with working at heights on construction sites.
The Dandenong fall followed 10 others around Victoria since 1 January.
WorkSafe’s hazardous industries and industry practice head Michael Coffey said falls were a leading cause of serious injury and death on construction sites.
“Employers have a responsibility to identify the risk of falls from any height and make sure the appropriate safety control measures are in place to control the risk,” he said.
“Any of the 11 incidents so far this year could have ended tragically, and what is frustrating for WorkSafe inspectors is that they see similar incidents over and over again.
“The majority of incidents occur on housing construction sites and involve falls through open stair voids, from or through roof trusses or battens, from frames, or from scaffolding and ladders.
“The control measures to reduce the risk of falls are well-known and readily available so there is no excuse for not having them in place.”