Where two speeds collide

A variable speed limit sign incorrectly reads 60 during a 40 km/h period. Picture: DALLAS GOLDBURG

By Cam Lucadou-Wells

Confusion reigned in Dandenong’s main thoroughfare due to a glitch with electronic speed signs.

Resident Dallas Goldburg noticed two variable speed signs in Lonsdale Street read 60 about 9.30am on Tuesday 30 April. This contradicted the prevailing 40 km/h time period.

The errant signs facing citybound traffic were near the Foster Street and Walker Street intersections. The variable sign at Scott Street correctly displayed 40.

On 3 May, VicRoads stated it switched off the signs and rectified the fault.

A spokesperson said that fixed static signs on Lonsdale Street still showed the correct speed zones for the different times of day.

“These variable signs are used in addition to static signs to notify drivers of the limit in locations where the speed varies at different times of the day, such as at shopping strips and school zones.

“Drivers that believe they have been booked for speeding due to confusion over the speed limit can seek a review.”

To report road hazards to VicRoads, call 13 11 70.


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