Chicken and coke


By Taylah Eastwell

A chicken shop manager has pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine and possessing an unregistered firearm.

Prparim Rustemovski, 33, was charged with dropping off two grams of cocaine into a man’s letterbox on two occasions in September 2017.

On a third occasion, the recipient had arranged to onsell the quantity of cocaine he received to undercover police.

Telephone calls intercepted by police confirmed the dealings between Rustemovski and the man who arranged to onsell the drug to covert operatives, the County Court heard on 15 November.

A search warrant executed at the home of Rustemovski also resulted in police finding an unregistered Beretta 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun.

In sentencing, Judge Sandra Davis accepted that Rustemovski was introduced to cocaine by his cousin when he was overwhelmed by the failure of a butchery business venture.

“You trafficked at a low level to a friend at his request when he could not get supplies elsewhere,” she said.

Judge Davis imposed a 53-day prison sentence, which had already been served in remand custody.

Rustemovski must also complete an 18-month community corrections order and pay a $500 fine.

“I remind you that you are being given an opportunity by this order to address your mental health and drug use problems which are clearly connected to your offending,” Judge Davis said.

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