Strength from selfless service

Jasbir Singh Suropada advises to share with others in greater need.

By Jasbir Singh Suropada

The world’s present circumstances are worrying and unpredictable.

However, our reactions and mindset to this global pandemic can be within our ability to be controlled.

We as individuals are helping to control the spread of this pandemic however we have not been able to completely eradicate it yet.

We can surrender our worries to Waheguru (God) and place our faith in him, as only God is capable of taking care of things beyond our control.

The Sikh faith believes in sharing with others who need it more, with unconditional compassion.

Thus, we practice selfless service to humanity.

In the recent COVID19 pandemic, the Sikh community has spread love and kindness through preparing and delivering thousands of free meals daily to vulnerable communities such as those in isolation.

This is our community’s way of raising morale while giving back to society.

This resilience carries on from their efforts in the recent bushfires, where the Sikh community stepped up in times of adversity to provide selfless service and support through Langar (community kitchen).

Sikhs also strongly believe in remembrance of God as he is our sustainer.

We can use this time as an opportunity to go within when we cannot go out.

We can connect to the divine within ourselves and meditate upon God, to place our absolute faith in him that things will turn out just fine.

Meditation helps us to ground ourselves and remain with a positive mindset.

Mental wellbeing is important and that is what Sikhs practice through meditation and remembrance to have inner peace of mind and a stronger resolve to overcome this crisis.

The Almighty provides reassurance and reminds us to practice focusing our minds to remain positive and uplifted.

The Sikh community believes in drawing strength from faith in God and spreading positivity and optimism.

The Sikhs believe in seeing the Divine in everyone.

If we can all practice this belief of universal humanity and stand in solidarity as the entire world goes through this pandemic, we will be able to come out of this stronger.

We need to practice compassion and unconditional love for each and every human being, to support everyone, young and old.

Sikhs believe that God, mercifully takes care of each of his creations and this world.

Let us keep the belief that the creator who created us, will not forsake us.

Never give up hope.


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