Talk yourself into resilience

Sister Jacqueline Russell says positive self-talk is empowering.

By Sister Jacqueline Russell of Brahma Kumaris

In these days of concern, in whatever situation we may find ourselves, keep in mind that the road of life has many detours.

In spite of these we can maintain the energy of hope and encouragement when we take time to sit quietly and reflect on how to talk with ourselves.

Learning to talk hopefully to the self is a spiritual endeavour.

Thoughts from the past and worries about the future do not create good conversation.

Instead learn to talk to your mind as if it were a child.

Talk to it with love.

If you just force a child to sit down, he or she won’t. A wise parent knows how to encourage the child with loving direction.

Be a good parent to your mind, teach it the self-talk of hope and encourage it to keep a positive outlook on life, knowing that whatever good is given out will bring a good return.

Love your mind, stay happy. Whilst you may not change the situation, you will be able to access a resilience and clarity in order to respond to whatever is happening around you.

Our conscience is the gentle parent for the mind here; it can be heard when we take quality quiet time for the self – even for a few moments.

Spiritual wisdom is to understand that our inner self, or our spiritual self, needs attention and care.

And to understand that our true essence is of complete goodness and well-being consisting of everything that I search for – peace, calm, love and happiness.

In caring for my spiritual self, I am in turn nurturing my physical health.

So, with this understanding, let us take moments out each day to simply become present and quiet.

Change the commentary in the mind to be loving and kind. And as the mind finds comfort, listen to the peace and silence within.

Keeping hope in the slogan that everything has its time and will pass, we will also then be able to access a resilience to manage these current times.

This feeling of self-empowerment will give me the courage to keep moving forward maintaining the balance of caring for both the ‘human’ and the ‘being’.

In turn, I naturally become a positive support not only for those around me, but also am able to care for my world and all those in it, in a way that is meaningful, peaceful and compassionate.


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