Masters hit the track

Athletes at the Springvale Masters Athletics Club await the starting gun. 264721_01 Picture: SUPPLIED - CHRIS McARDLE

By Marcus Uhe

The Springvale Masters Athletics Club are inviting new competitors to join them for fun and competition on Wednesday nights.

The club meets at Ross Reserve on Memorial Drive in Noble Park every Wednesday night at 7pm for competitors aged between 30 and 85, with between 20 and 40 participants hitting the track each week.

Wednesday night events include sprints, a long run between three and five kilometres, middle distance events of roughly one kilometre and walking competitions, followed by an all-important supper and social catch-up afterwards.

Members compete to qualify for National and International Masters events as part of the Victorian Masters Association competition.

The club is encouraging potential competitors who may have included a focus on exercising as part of their New Year’s Resolution to join.

Chris McArdle from the SMAC warned prospective joiners to not underestimate the older athletes at Springvale.

“Some of these 80-year-olds run bloody fast!” she said.

Ms McArdle was quick to point out that the focus on the sessions is as much on the social aspect as the competitive side.

Those who start one event are not required to finish or compete in every field, but are encouraged to do the best that they can.

The cost to participate is $4, which covers overheads such as the lights at the club.

Participants can bring a plate of food to share on the night if they wish, but it is not a necessity or a pre-requisite for competing.

The club is aiming to expand its younger cohort this year, encouraging those in the 30-40-year-old demographic to get involved.

Those interested in joining the fun should contact Chris on 0407 268 937, or club President Claudio Riga on 0478 312 167.