Greens pledge an equal share of hospital funding

Holt Greens candidate Sujit Mathew. 278574_02

By Marcus Uhe

Greens candidate for Holt Sujit Mathew says while the responsibility for running hospital services ultimately falls with the states, the problem is fuelled by a poor allocation of federal funding into the health department.

“Coalition has ripped money out of hospitals by giving billions to private health insurance rebates.

“4 big corporations control 70% of the subsidised private health market and are making huge profits at the expense of your health.

A Greens government will invest an extra $8 billion by legislating equal funding of hospitals between the Commonwealth and states, Mr Mathew said.

“This can be done by reinvesting the billions paid in private health insurance rebates back into the public system, slashing out of pocket costs.

“I aim to ensure that everyone can get the care they need, when they need it, by funding our hospitals sufficiently and that way clearing public hospital surgery waiting lists, hiring more trained staff and buying modern medical equipment.

“This in return will help hospitals come out of the current unprecedented hospital crisis.”