State Budget: hospital security funds shortfall angers nurse union

A NURSES union has lashed out at a lack of extra state budget funding for security guards at hospital emergency departments.

Australian Nursing Federation state secretary Lisa Fitzpatrick said she’d hoped to see the $21 million election promise fulfilled.

“A further 49,000 patients are expected to present to our emergency departments and there’s only an additional $2.5 million to meet the demand,” she said.

“With only 65 per cent of our patients being treated within the four-hour time frame, I’m worried this will result in more violent outbursts from patients or relatives.”

A spokeswoman for Health Minister David Davis said funding had been allocated this year to improve safety at all hospital emergency departments in the state.

She said Dandenong Hospital had received funding for extra CCTV cameras, the installation of a Maglock to the emergency department door and an intercom system at the entrance.

In the past month, a series of violent incidents at Dandenong Hospital’s emergency department have been reported by nurses and security guards. Staff have complained of a lack of security guards and clear protocols to deal with violent visitors.

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