Cultivate a better world

by Anita and Peter Davine of St John Vianney's Parish, Mulgrave

A great Christian, Pope John XXIII, once profoundly stated that “we are not here on this earth to guard a museum, but rather to cultivate a garden flourishing with life and destined for a glorious future”.

We are part of this garden regardless of faith, culture, gender or race, along with the Earth and all its awesome beauty.

We are all kin to God, to each other and all of creation, one family, called to create a beautiful tapestry as God intended.

The Earth is sacred, and ours to nurture, to gratefully cultivate and respect.

If we fail to love each other then we do not know or love God.

If we fail to love and care for the Earth we have turned our backs on God and on each other.

Today as never before, the world and all its inhabitants are at great risk.

The earth has been ravaged, plundered and despoiled by our lust for power, wealth and material possessions.

It is time to awaken and finally heed the message of Pope John XXIII, and choose a brighter and more hopeful future where the Earth and all its inhabitants are valued and respected.

We are all one family called to live in harmony, peace and striving to create a better world.

Let each of us build a safer and happier world where we are all treated justly and compassionately, remembering to choose the Golden Rule as a way of life.