Inclusive volunteering push

Sarah Kelly is seeking people with a disability to help advise a more inclusive volunteering workforce.


A City of Greater Dandenong project aims to help more volunteer groups recruit people with a disability.

The Disability Inclusive Volunteering Project aims to help groups – and the wider community – understand the abilities and needs of people with disabilities, says its coordinator Sarah Kelly.

A recent State project Victoria ALIVE highlighted the benefits of volunteering for people with disabilities – but also the barriers against them being included.

“Currently organisations are unsure on how to adapt to meet disability needs and they are fearful that they will ‘get in wrong’,” Ms Kelly said.

“Our workshops and in house support will provide the information to the organisations so that they can be confident to offer a volunteer role to a person with a disability.”

Volunteering can range from events, health and aged care, libraries, sport, environment, animal welfare, arts and emergency services.

The project is seeking people with a disability to join its Lived Experience Advisory Group, which will help develop and present the workshops.

Carers and family members of a person with a disability are also invited to contribute.

The project is funded by the City of Greater Dandenong, and delivered by South East Volunteers and the Greater Dandenong Volunteer Resource Service.

To join the project’s Lived Experience Advisory Group, contact Sarah on

0413 743 718 or