Loving kindness costs nothing

by Neelika Kottachchi from Sri Sathya Sai International Organisation

Today’s global community attempts to weigh the monetary value of everything around us by looking at the cost and profit of them.

Certainly, we need to see the benefit of everything we do and speak.

And the value of everything around us too.

We can see the cost of a dress, a pair of shoes, a tie, or a car by looking at the price tag.

Can we use the same measure to assess the cost of smile, kindness, or prayer too?

Next time you walk down the street try to smile at a person mindfully and assess the cost of that smile to you.

While you are doing that, try to assess the benefit it brings to you and the recipient of your smile. There is no cost to a smile.

When you smile at a stranger you will notice the opening of your heart like a lotus opening its petals and the other person will also experience the same.

An instant unspoken friendship will form between you and them.

There is no cost to many wonderful things we can do for others or for making others happy.

When we see a person in suffering; either physically or mentally, we can pray for them at no cost to us but with much benefit to them.

Power of prayer is being discussed in almost all faith communities.

There is no better time to offer a prayer to sick than today when the whole world is engulfed in the rage of Covid-19.

In fact, praying is the only thing we can do for those afflicted by coronavirus as we are not even allowed to visit our sick relatives in hospitals let alone care for them.

Now we know that love does not require a religion, yet all religions, faiths prosper in love.

Let us make love be the religion of all of us regardless of the name of our specific faiths or nationality.

Love in human heart is so potent that love without boundaries and limits can reach far and wide healing all humanity.

We do not need to be anywhere in particular to send love to the universe.

Universe needs healing, love, and care.

Let us help heal this earth, land by offering loving kindness to the universe.

Divinity is our very nature. Hence it is not necessary to seek God or Divine in temples or churches.

God is within us waiting to be summoned to embrace us, to serve us.

When the divine energy within us pours outward and fills this world, there will be no more space for viruses to co-exist.

All viruses kneel before the divine love of the human heart.

That is the power of human heart.

By showing gratitude to earth and offering loving-kindness to one another we will save ourselves from further calamities and defeat this current virus.

May there be no sickness or suffering in the world

May all beings everywhere be happy and peaceful.