Looking Back

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Compiled by Dandenong & District Historical Society

100 years ago

1 December 1921

Value of food for warmth

Food is the fuel from which the human body derives its heat. If the temperature of the body is lower than 98 degrees (Fahrenheit), it signifies there is some disorder. Our bodies are continually asking for fuel which they require for heat as does an engine, and they require food also for the repair of tissue. Before beginning the day’s work in cold weather, a breakfast of oatmeal porridge with milk and sugar will provide the necessary fuel. Bread and butter, bacon or fish should follow a bowl of porridge. In the wintertime cheese should form a frequent article of diet. Raisins, dates, and figs are also warming, and nuts are excellent on account of the oil they contain.

50 years ago

25 November 1971

Most shops will stay open

Most major stores in Dandenong will open for late night shopping tomorrow (Friday).

Twenty-three shopkeepers in Hanover Arcade will stay open and Dandenong will again take on a bright, pre-war carnival shopping face. An original Chamber of Commerce survey noted 30 businesses were undecided on the matter but revisited their stance following the Chamber’s recommendations. There was no indication from any of the retailers that they wish to open on any other night except Friday. Housewives questioned on the renewal of Friday night shopping were all in favour citing the social carnival atmosphere pre-war used to be great. Others appreciated more time for window shopping as a family. Until parking restriction signs are changed, policing of restrictions cannot be affected but parking by laws will be enforced.

20 years ago

26 November 2001

Journal Editorial

To see how Greater Dandenong has grown take a drive round some of the industrial areas of Dandenong South. The growth has been substantial, and our city planners tell us more is expected as the area continues to grow. The council has had its fair share of knockers, including this paper at times, but this time it deserves our praise. It has done a terrific job in bringing the city back to life.

5 years ago

28 November 2016

Asthma storm hits region

Thunderstorm asthma caused emergency patient numbers to double at Dandenong Hospital and landed three people in intensive care. Demand peaked between 6pm on Monday 21 November and 6am on Tuesday 22 November, as it did at hospitals across Melbourne. A Monash Health spokeswomen said that 179 patients presented to the Dandenong Hospital emergency department during the 12-hour period, with 148 patients presenting to the Casey Hospital. More than half were due to thunderstorm asthma.

Compiled by Dandenong & District Historical Society