Looking Back

Then-Premier Daniel Andrews promises a new order of trains at Bombardier in Dandenong South, ahead of the 2018 election.

100 years ago

22 November 1923

Housing Problem

In the monthly meeting of the Dandenong Improvement Association, held on Monday evening November 19, the question of erecting new houses for the batch of railway men who are expected to live in Dandenong when the engineering branch deport is transferred from Oakleigh to Dandenong was fully discussed. The President (Mr W F Roulston) said they had with them that night two Railway Department Officials Mr Rankin (Assistant Estate Officer) and Mr May (Architect). Mr Rankin said he was interested in the question of providing housing accommodation in country towns. The shortage of houses was becoming a serious matter, and he had noticed people writing to the Press pointing out the mistake of bringing immigrants here, when they could not get houses for them. The situation was becoming deplorable. Whilst on a visit to Horsham lately they found the housing accommodation so short that 16 families had left the town, owing to the shortage of houses.

50 years ago

15 November 1973

Down with the Union Jack move fails

Pride in the union jack flag was the focal point of a discussion in Dandenong Council on Monday night. Council was discussing a motion by Councillor Warwick Dilly that the Union Jack and the Victorian Flag not be flown at the Australia Day celebrations in Dandenong on Monday January 28. He received support only from Councillor Chris Ratcliffe. Councillor Dilley said: “We should use only the national flag because it is our national day and a national holiday.” Councillor Maurie Jarvis said that although he had not attended Dandenong’s Australia Day celebrations for some time, he understood flags of other nations were flown. He added: “I am against the motion because I am a God Save the Queen man and I don’t care who knows it.”

20 years ago

17 November 2003

‘Huey’ comes to town

One of the most identifiable symbols of the Vietnam War touched down at Dandenong RSL yesterday, aided by the state’s largest crane. The $1.6 million UHIV model Iroquois helicopter, best know as ‘Huey’ was used to transport Australian and South Vietnamese soldiers. Weighing 2.5 tons dry, it has been mounted on a five-metre pole for permeant display. The helicopter is a gift from the United States Government. Its dramatic arrival capped off an exciting weekend for Dandenong RSL after the official opening of its extensively refurbished Clow Street club on Saturday.

5 years ago

19 November 2018

Jobs, car park plan

The State Government if re-elected, has promised a further 18 regional trains to be built in Dandenong in the next three years. It has also promised 55 new car parking spaces at Yarraman train station with CCTV and new lighting. It joins an earlier Labor pledge of 150 extra parking spaces at Dandenong station. At the Bombardier Transportation factory in Dandenong South, Premier Daniel Andrews pledged an order of 54 VLocity carriages to replace trains on the Geelong and Ballarat lines. The Government claims that the order due for delivery in 2021 will support 500 jobs in Dandenong and the South East.

Compiled by Dandenong & District Historical Society