Scooters get a boost

SCOOTER and wheelchair users can now recharge their transport with ease.
City of Greater Dandenong has signed up to the RECHARGE Scheme to improve accessibility for people with disabilities.
It provides power points for recharging scooters and wheelchairs, and more than 1000 businesses and 75 councils have joined the scheme since it started in February 2006.
“The last thing we want is people who use electric scooters and wheelchairs getting stranded due to a flat battery,” the council’s community services director Mark Doubleday said.
“Having locations around the city where people can charge their wheelchairs which assists in reducing the isolation often felt by people with a disability.”
The charging stations are at Springvale Library, Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC), Parkmore’s customer service centre, Springers Leisure Centre, Oasis Leisure Centre, the Drum Theatre and Springvale Town Hall.
RECHARGE Scheme stickers will be placed on power points dedicated to the service and on the windows of participating businesses.