Connection uplifts us


By Agnes Kean

In the history of the Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network spanning some 30 years, not a time has arisen which has resulted in the inability of members to be able to gather together at meetings/activities until the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Thankfully with the current technology available some contact can still continue, although nothing is the same as being able to meet with one another.

And I might add I’m far from being an expert on the technological side of things!

People of many faiths and spiritual backgrounds are represented in the network, including my own Baha’i community.

And like other communities we too are using technology to help maintain that all important contact with one another, thus enabling us to continue observing as a community, our meetings, holy days etc.

Having this connection is so uplifting to one’s spirit.

As human beings we are all inter-connected on this one planet and what happens in our city, country and even on the other side of the world, can affect us instantly.

It highlights that no matter who we are, what our colour, nationality, our beliefs are, we belong to the one family of humanity.

We need to look after and care about one another, as proven during these difficult and changing times for our world.

And as we work through this challenging time, which will pass, we can look forward to being able to meet and greet in person our family and friends, and all whom we come in contact with in our daily lives.

We also know that many times over when calamities strike, individuals and communities as a whole, such as we here in Greater Dandenong, respond with many acts of kindness, respect and generosity, which re-affirms the spiritual side of humankind and rises above the material aspects of our lives, which of course, in themselves are still much needed.

We can turn to and rely upon God with hope and trust, being assured of His unchanging mercy and abiding love.

With warm wishes and loving thoughts and prayers for all.

– Agnes Kean, Baha’i faith and Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network president


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