Rocky in the fight of his life

Jennifer Hunt, Rocky the German Shepherd and Catie Bierkadar. 387853_16 Picture: GARY SISSONS

By Sahar Foladi

Catastrophe after another has left an elderly Dandenong resident fearing for her German Shepherd companion’s life.

Catie Bierkadar went through her worst nightmare when her pet Rocky was viciously attacked at home by another German Shepherd.

The uncontrolled attacker incredibly leapt over the front fence and broke through a glass window to get to Rocky inside the house.

The mauling left Rocky with severe infections and injuries to his face and neck.

Pet Medical Crisis founder Jennifer Hunt is providing ongoing support to Ms Bierkadar and Rocky.

“What a terrible scenario. You think you’re safe sitting inside the house and a dog attacks your dog – Oh my God,” Ms Hunt said.

“She does everything around that dog but couldn’t separate the two.

“She’s been to the veterinary three times already. She can’t take him on a walk outside out of fear.”

The other dog’s apologetic owner fixed the broken window but Ms Bierkadar is left with a whopping $1,200 vet bill to pay.

“People should not walk their dogs off lead, it’s the unpredictability of what can happen,” Ms Hunt said.

“Had the dog been on a lead and had the proper training that could’ve been avoidable.”

Crowd fundraising has been organised by Ms Hunt for Rocky to help him with ongoing treatments estimated to easily climb over $5,000.

As a disability pensioner, Ms Bierkadar had been advised to own a dog. Then three years ago she came across Rocky’s photo and fell in love.

As the first owner of a dog, Ms Bierkadar purchased Rocky for an enormous $4,000 unaware that the seller had bought him for $900 and sold her a dog with severe bilateral hip displacement.

Fortunately, Ms Hunt was able to raise $10,000 within hours for Rocky’s hip replacement, however severe complications almost saw him euthanized.

“We supported him with a wheelchair. It was back and forth with doctors.

“We got to a point he was well able to walk and he’s her lifeline,” Ms Hunt said.

Soon after, Rocky was stolen from the backyard after Ms Bierkadar went inside for a split moment only to hear Rocky barking and the sound of tyres screeching.

“She rang me and was hysterical,” Ms Hunt said.

“The police went on patrols, we got on social media and thousands of people were looking for him.”

Thanks to everyone’s great efforts, Rocky was dumped back the next day at the address.

“He was absolutely soddened and freshly shampooed so someone had stolen him to sell.”

Ms Bierkadar moved house to Dandenong North after that incident only for Rocky to be attacked inside their own house where her housemate had to prise open the dog’s grasp on Rocky.

He was left with sore legs, constantly sick, mouth infection and infected bites around his neck.

Ms Bierkadar and Ms Hunt both hope that the funds can save Rocky for the second time.

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