Time to help one another


By Agnes Kean, president of Greater Dandenong Interfaith Network

As one people on this our earthly home, these last few months have indeed brought this reality into focus.

It has also highlighted the need for humanity to work together as a whole as we make our way through this challenging time.

The Covid-19 pandemic, albeit to varying degrees, continues to affect us all, far and wide.

However, amongst all the upheaval and heartache, it is evident that the goodness that exists in the human spirit continues to shine through.

We have seen or experienced for ourselves acts of kindness, goodwill, bravery and love being showered on so many people, by so many, in each and every passing day.

We know the importance of trying to stay connected, one with the other, in whatever way we can, whether as individuals or families and also in our many associated communities, which are so much a part of our lives.

Of necessity we continue to adapt to the many changes around us.

But that which we all share and can rely on, with hope and trust, is the constant and unchanging love of God.

Hope can aid in

Overcoming, through

Perseverance and faith,

Every challenging adversity.

So, let us persevere through this difficult time together. Draw on our hope and inner strength.

Let us do whatever we can to help one another along the way.


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